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The Serpent Bridge - Open Floor one day workshop

  • The Moving Body 46 Bloomfield Avenue Dublin 8, County Dublin Ireland (map)



11am - 5pm

In many cultures across the planet the serpent is one of the oldest symbols of creation and feminine power. It represents kundalini energy, the primal creative life force that lives and moves within all human beings irrespective of gender. This energy flows from the core of our being and its movement can liberate us from unhelpful conditioning and limiting patters, while encouraging us to access joy and align with what has truth and meaning for us.

During this day workshop we will move to awaken and connect with this exciting and restorative energy, offering what arises within us into the container of the dance and calling upon it to encourage the free flow of our natural creative expression.

Open Floor movement is an embodiment practice, a healing pathway that is designed to resource and support us to remember the freedom that comes from being our authentic selves in our relationships, our work and our world.

Supported by movement anchors, the intelligence of the chakra system and our innate capacity for curiosity and connection we will journey from the roots of our humanity to the expanse of our spiritual nature, inviting presence, breath, heart and spirit into the moment and including what emerges with as much compassion and attention as possible.

This workshop is open to all and no previous experience of conscious dance or moving meditation is necessary.

€70 / €60 (booked by July 6th)

Venue: St. Kevins Hall, 46 Bloomfield Ave, Portobello, Dublin 8