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The Empty Space: An Art In Motion Workshop

Taught by: Cathy Ryan                                                           July 14-16, 2017

Fri - 7 to 9.30pm | Sat and Sun - 10am to 5pm


Once upon a time a group of actors and a director went to Africa for several months. They were all experienced in their field, the world of theatre. They decided to travel around from village to village with a small piece of carpet for their stage. They would lay the carpet down and perhaps place an object upon it or just wait until someone from the village approached the carpet and started talking or playing or asking a question or dancing, singing. The space would open up to some kind of magic story where the community would see itself, speak to itself and witness itself…a place for catharsis, empathy, humour, tears, dreams

This is the Empty Space we will be exploring over our weekend together

Through some of the embodiment tools of Open Floor practice, theatre, writing and the practice of presence we will see what the Empty Space can unfold to us. A place of witnessing and being witnessed, a place of offering tastes and colours of who we are through the intelligence of the deep creativity that moves through each one of us.

No experience in anything other than living is required…

Courage, vulnerability and a deep, curiosity about creativity and it’s direct pathway to our souls and spirits is a huge asset…

Fee: €150

€130 if paid in full by June 14, 2017

Elective for Teacher Training?



Arts / Creativity, Soul

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


The Sean O’Casey Centre

St. Mary’s Road,

East Wall,


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